1 Column


1 Column layout is very useful for full width page requirements i.e: Contact us, Terms & Condition, Privacy policy etc..., It has Navbar with back to dashboard/home page option and footer, navigation menu will not be displayed on this layout.

CSS Classes

This table contains all classes related to the 1 column layout. This is a custom layout for full width page requirements.

All these options can be set via following classes:

Classes Description
.1-column You can create 1 column layout by adding .1-column class in <body> tag.

HTML Markup

This section contains HTML Markup to create 1 column layout. You need to add the .1-column class in the <body> tag as show in below markup on line no 4. Please note that 1 column layout do not have Navigation section and it has back to Dashboard or Home page link in Navbar.

Robust has a ready to use starter kit, you can use this layout directly by using the starter kit pages from the robust-admin/starter-kit folder.

            <!DOCTYPE html>
              <html lang="en">
                <body data-menu="vertical-menu" class="vertical-layout vertical-menu 1-column menu-expanded">

                  <!-- fixed-top-->
                  <nav role="navigation" class="header-navbar navbar-expand-sm navbar navbar-with-menu fixed-top navbar-dark navbar-shadow navbar-border">

                  <!-- BEGIN Content-->
                  <div class="content app-content">
                  <!-- END Content-->

                  <!-- START FOOTER DARK-->
                  <footer class="footer footer-dark">
                  <!-- START FOOTER DARK-->


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