Version 2.1

Date: [2018-11-26]

  • Updated : Bootstrap v4.1.3
  • Updated : js/css plugins/libraries
  • Updated : Starter Kit
  • Updated : Documentation
  • Removed : Grunt Task Runner
  • Removed : Pug Template Builder
  • Fixed : Chart JS IE issue
  • Fixed : Fullcalendar for Mobile View

Version 2.0

Date: [2018-03-24]

  • Added: Simple Line Icons
  • Added: Chat application page
  • Added: Email application page
  • Added: Checkout Page
  • Added: Pricing Page
  • Added: New cards & widgets
  • Added: New components
  • Added: Square and Round buttons in components
  • Added: popper js
  • Added: Dynamic assets and app-assets path for pug
  • Added: Customizer for checking various option in demo
  • Updated: Updated to Bootstrap 4 stable
  • Updated: Converted all Jade files to Pug
  • Updated: Updated Grunt and Gulp packages
  • Updated: jQuery to latest version
  • Updated: Bootstrap js
  • Updated: chartJS
  • Updated: chartist
  • Updated: DataTables
  • Updated: Sweet alert plugin
  • Updated: Ratings plugin
  • Updated: Noui slider
  • Updated: Dropzone file uploader
  • Updated: Image cropper
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Updated: jquery.twbspagination js
  • Updated: imagesloaded.pkgd js
  • Updated: video js & css
  • Updated: bootstrap-maxlength
  • Updated: jquery.repeater js
  • Updated: Select2 js
  • Updated: jquery validation js
  • Updated: masonry.pkgd js
  • Updated: photo-swipe
  • Updated: daterangepicker js
  • Updated: bootstrap-datetimepicker js & css
  • Updated: moment-with-locales js
  • Updated: animate css
  • Updated: Improved menu collapse/expand animation
  • Updated: Updated Documentation
  • Updated: Changed font face from system fonts to Muli & Open Sans
  • Updated: Updated spacing & Styling
  • Fixed: Horizontal timeline
  • Fixed: Top spacing on small screen for horizontal layouts.
  • Fixed: Starter kit error on console on click of reload button.
  • Fixed: Center align footer on horizontal center layout.
  • Fixed: Align properly send button on mega menu contact form for RTL.
  • Fixed: In RTL, Collapse menu icon alignment fixed
  • Fixed: Color variable changes from assets scss file was not affecting
  • Removed: Ionicons
  • Removed: FPS Line Icons
  • Removed: Ico Moon
  • Removed: Evil Icons
  • Removed: Linecons
  • Removed: tether js

Version 1.2

Date: [2017-03-16]

  • Added: Added Gulp support for template generation
  • Added: Optimized and distributed grunt file
  • Added: Include csscomb for beautiful css code.
  • Added: New JADE structure &b variables for better performance and template generation.
  • updated: CSS & JS Optimization for better performance and speed.
  • updated: Created new src folder for sourcs files and moved jade, scss and core js files in it.
  • updated: Renamed folder robust-assets to app-assets
  • updated: Renamed folder robust-builder to template-builder
  • updated: Renamed demo-data folder to data
  • updated: Vendor CSS and JS files moved to app-assets/vendors folder
  • updated: Folder locales moved to data
  • updated: Folder ico moved to images
  • updated: Folder doc-images moved to images
  • updated: Renamed components.scss, robust-variables.scss file to app.scss, app-variables.scss
  • updated: Renamed bootstrap-robust.scss file to bootstrap-extended.scss
  • updated: Renamed robust.js & robust-menu.js to app.js & app-menu.js
  • updated: Renamed robust to app everywhare in css and js classes (.robust-content, .robust-shape changesd to .app-content, .app-shape).
  • Fixed: Active menu class for compact menu items and sub menu items.
  • Fixed: Open selected menu by default for compact menu.
  • Fixed: jQuery dialog
  • Fixed: Advance cards menu
  • Fixed: jQuery file upload console error
  • Fixed: echarts console error
  • Fixed: Table components console error
  • Removed: Removed page & plugin scss includes from old components.scss and include only required CSS and JS on page specific only to improve speed.
  • Removed: Removed base64 encoding from font css file icomoon.css for and adde FF warning
  • Removed: Removed hamburgers plugins, and provided scss support for it.

Version 1.1

Date: [2017-02-06]

  • Added: Navbar with components
  • Added: Added starter kit folder seperately.
  • Fixed: Horizontal layout small screen which space issue between top navbar and content
  • Fixed: Coming soon page with bg video option for RTL
  • Fixed: Missing css, js & images files.
  • Fixed: Console error for missing file and js issues
  • Fixed: Invoice list page table responsive and select all issue
  • Fixed: Horizontal timeline shadow and improve spacing
  • Fixed: RTL right sticky sidebar hidden on scroll
  • Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar issue where dropzone used
  • Fixed: Navigation icon right side icon alignment
  • Fixed: Perfect scrollbar, page should scroll after content scroll
  • Fixed: RTL Knob js icon center alignment
  • Fixed: RTL Social card carousal
  • Fixed: RTL Custom radio checkbox
  • Fixed: RTL Full-screen search horizontal scroll
  • Fixed: RTL Alert icons not coming in with arrow alert
  • updated: Improved all charts js file and loading time
  • updated: Megamenu components support
  • updated: Improved all starter kit pages.
  • updated: Removed functionality specific css/js include from common style/script file and included on requirement basis to improve loading speed

Initial release [V 1.0]

Date: [2017-01-30]

  • Initial release

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