Slider Values


The number of handles can be set using the start option.

Stepping in non-linear sliders

For every subrange in a non-linear slider, stepping can be set.

Stepping and snapping to values

The amount the slider changes on movement can be set using the step option.

Non-linear sliders

noUiSlider offers some powerful mechanisms that allow a slider to behave in a non-linear fashion.


All values on the slider are part of a range. The range has a minimum and maximum value.

Snapping between steps

When a non-linear slider has been configured, the snap option can be set to true to force the slider to jump between the specified values.

Slider behavior

noUiSlider offers several ways to handle user interaction. The range can be set to drag, and handles can move to taps. All these effects are optional, and can be enable by adding their keyword to the behavior option. This option accepts a "-" separated list of "drag", "tap", "fixed", "snap" or "none".


A handle snaps to a clicked location. A smooth transition is used. This option is default.


Makes the range draggable. Requires two handles. The connect option must be set to true.

Fixed dragging

Keeps the distance between handles fixed when the 'drag' flag is set.


A handle snaps to a clicked location. It can immediately be moved, without a mouseup + mousedown.


With this option set, the slider fires hover events when a mouse or pen user hovers over the slider.

Combined options

Most 'behavior' flags can be combined.

Slider Scales / Pips

This feature allows you to generate points along the slider. Five options can be set: mode to determine where to place pips, values as additional options for mode, stepped to round pip values to the slider stepping, density to pre-scale the number of pips, and filter to manually modify pip size.


The range mode uses the slider range to determine where the pips should be. A pip is generated for every percentage specified.

Left to right

Right to left


In positions mode, pips are generated at percentage-based positions on the slider. Optionally, the stepped option can be set to true to match the pips to the slider steps.


Stepped Positions



Stepped Count



Stepped Values


Like range, the steps mode uses the slider range. In steps mode, a pip is generated for every step. The filter option can be used to filter the generated pips. The filter function must return 0 (no value), 1 (large value) or 2 (small value).

Filtered Steps

Slider Colors - Handles

Slider Sizing

Default Handle

Circle Filled Handle

Square Handle

Vertical Sliders

The orientation setting can be used to set the slider to "vertical"

Set dimensions! Vertical sliders don't assume a default height, so you'll need to set one. You can use any unit you want, including % or px.

Default Vertical Slider

Connect to lower

Connect to upper


Direction Top To Bottom

Direction Bottom To Top




Vertical Slider Colors - Handles

Default Handle

Circle Filled Handle

Square Handle

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