JQuery Bootstrap Validation

jqBootstrapValidation will scan for HTML5 validator attributes directly on the elements, plus any extra options specified via data attributes.

Inputs Validation

Add novalidate attribute to form tag.

Basic Text Input *

Add required attribute to field for required validation.

Email Field *
Repeat Email Field *

Add data-validation-match-match attribute with the field name as value to match with it.

Password Input Field *
Repeat Password Input Field *
Input with Right Icon *
Input addon with Right Icon *
Maximum Character Length *

Add maxlength attribute for maximum number of characters to accept. Also use data-validation-maxlength-message attribute for maxlength failure message

Minimum Character Length *

Add minlength attribute for minimum number of characters to accept. Also use data-validation-minlength-message attribute for minlength failure message

Only Numbers *
Maximum Number *
Must be lower than 25

Add max attribute for maximum number to accept. Also use data-validation-max-message attribute for max failure message

Minimum Number *
Must be higher than 10

Add min attribute for minimum number to accept. Also use data-validation-min-message attribute for min failure message

File Input Field *
Custom Required Message *

Add data-validation-required-message attribute for Custom required failure message

Text Input Range *
Input with Button *
No Characters, Only Numbers *
Pattern * Must start with 'a' and end with 'z'

Add pattern attribute to set input pattern. Also use data-validation-pattern-message attribute for pattern failure message

Enter URL *

Add data-validation-regex-regex attribute for regular expression. Also use data-validation-regex-message attribute for regex failure message

Enter Email Address *
Enter Date *
Basic Select *
Basic Textarea *

Checkbox Validation

Basic Checkbox *
Checkbox Group *
Inline Checkbox Group *
Maximum Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Minimum Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Radio Group *
Inline Radio Group *
Styled Checkbox *
Styled Checkbox Group *
Inline Styled Checkbox Group *
Maximum Styled Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Minimum Styled Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Styled Radio Group *
Inline Styled Radio Group *

Switch Validation

Single Switch *
Switch Group *
Inline Switch Group *
Single Switchery *
I am unchecked Switchery
Switchery Group *
Inline Switchery Group *

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