HandsonTable Cell Types

HandsonTable support almost all kind of cell types i.e numeric, time, date, checkboxe, select, dropdowns & password etc..

Rendering custom HTML in cells

This example shows how to use custom cell renderers to display HTML content in a cell. This is a very powerful feature. Just remember to escape any HTML code that could be used for XSS attacks. In the below configuration.


By default, Handson table treats all cell values as string type. This is because "textarea" returns a string as its value. In many cases you will prefer cell values to be treated as number type. This allows to format numbers nicely and sort them correctly.

To trigger the Numeric cell type, use the option type: 'numeric' in columns array or cells function. Make sure your cell values are numbers and not strings as Handson table will not parse strings to numbers. Numeric cell type uses Numbro.js as the formatting library. Head over to their website to learn about the formatting syntax.

To use number formatting style valid for your language (i18n), load language definition to Numbro.js. See "Languages" section in Numbro.js docs for more info.


All data entered to the data-typed cells are validated against the default date format (DD/MM/YYYY), unless another format is provided. If you enable the correctFormat config item, the dates will be automatically formatted to match the desired format.


To use the Time cell type, set the type: 'time' option in the columns array or the cells function. The Time cell uses Moment.js as the time formatter, so be sure to add an additional file in your "head" : /dist/moment/moment.js

All data entered to the time-typed cells are eventually validated against the default time format (h:mm:ss a, which translates to, for example, 9:30:00 am) unless another format is provided as the timeFormat.

If you enable the correctFormat config item, the values will be automatically formatted to match the desired time format.

Checkbox true/false values

This is default usage scenario when columns data have true or false value and we want to display ony checkboxes.


Select editor should be considered an example how to write editors rather than used as a fully featured editor. It is a much simpler form of the Dropdown editor. It is suggested to use the latter in your projects.

Autocomplete lazy mode

This example shows the usage of the Autocomplete feature in the default lazy mode. In this mode, user can choose one of the suggested options while typing or enter a custom value that is not included in the suggestions. In this mode, the mouse and keyboard bindings are identical as in Handson table cell type. The options are rendered from the source property which can be an array, or a function that returns an array.

Password cell type

This kind of cell behaves like a text cell with a difference that it masks its value using asterisk in cell renderer. For the cell editor, a ' input type="password" ' field is used. Data is stored in the data source as plain text.

Handson table

This page shows using Handson table as a cell editor in Handson table (sometimes referred as HOT-in-HOT). Mouse click outside of the editor or on one of the cells in HOT-in-HOT applies change. *apply change means: The value of the cell highlighted or clicked in HOT-in-HOT is applied as new cell value in the main HOT. If no cell in HOT-in-HOT is selected, the value of the text field is used instead.

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