Dual Listbox

Basic Dual ListBox

Add .duallistbox class for basic dual listbox.

Dual ListBox Without Filter

Add .duallistbox-no-filter class without filter dual listbox.

Dual ListBox with multiple selection

Add .duallistbox-multi-selection class for Dual ListBox with Multiple Selection

Dual ListBox with Filter Options

Add .duallistbox-with-filter class for basic dual listbox.

Dual ListBox with Filter Text Options

All the listbox labels and placeholders are fully editable through specified options, Like: filterTextClear, filterPlaceHolder, infoText, infoTextFiltered, infoTextEmpty. You can use custom language also.

Dual ListBox with Minimal Height

Use selectorMinimalHeight setting option to set dual listbox custom height.

Add Custom Options to Dual ListBox

Add an option to the Listbox Using Add Options button. Add an option and also clearing highlights of listbox option using Add with clearing highlight button

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