JQuery Bootstrap Validation

Inputs Validation

Add novalidate attribute to form tag.

Basic Text Input *

Add required attribute to field for required validation.

Email Field *
Repeat Email Field *

Add data-validation-match-match attribute with the field name as value to match with it.

Password Input Field *
Repeat Password Input Field *
Input with Right Icon *
Input addon with Right Icon *
Maximum Character Length *

Add maxlength attribute for maximum number of characters to accept. Also use data-validation-maxlength-message attribute for maxlength failure message

Minimum Character Length *

Add minlength attribute for minimum number of characters to accept. Also use data-validation-minlength-message attribute for minlength failure message

Only Numbers *
Maximum Number *
Must be lower than 25

Add max attribute for maximum number to accept. Also use data-validation-max-message attribute for max failure message

Minimum Number *
Must be higher than 10

Add min attribute for minimum number to accept. Also use data-validation-min-message attribute for min failure message

File Input Field *
Custom Required Message *

Add data-validation-required-message attribute for Custom required failure message

Text Input Range *
Input with Button *
No Characters, Only Numbers *
Pattern * Must start with 'a' and end with 'z'

Add pattern attribute to set input pattern. Also use data-validation-pattern-message attribute for pattern failure message

Enter URL *

Add data-validation-regex-regex attribute for regular expression. Also use data-validation-regex-message attribute for regex failure message

Enter Email Address *
Enter Date *
Basic Select *
Basic Textarea *

Checkbox Validation

Basic Checkbox *
Checkbox Group *
Inline Checkbox Group *
Maximum Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Minimum Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Radio Group *
Inline Radio Group *
Styled Checkbox *
Styled Checkbox Group *
Inline Styled Checkbox Group *
Maximum Styled Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Minimum Styled Checkbox selection*

Select any 2 options

Styled Radio Group *
Inline Styled Radio Group *

Switch Validation

Single Switch *
Switch Group *
Inline Switch Group *
Single Switchery *
I am unchecked Switchery
Switchery Group *
Inline Switchery Group *

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