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We have renamed the branches in our vuexy repo so please make sure to update your local clone/fork by following below steps:

  • First of all, let's rename main branch to bs-5-old by git branch -m main bs-5-old
  • Now, Rename dev to main by git branch -m dev main
  • Run git fetch origin
  • Set main branch upstream via git branch -u origin/main main
  • Set bs-5-old branch upstream via git branch -u origin/bs-5-old bs-5-old
  • Finally, run git remote set-head origin -a

Quick Start

Jump-start your development using this amazing theme. Use HTML snippet to quickly start and easily setup Theming, Styling and RTL support.

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Customize Easily 🤩

Customize Vuexy super easily using TemplateCustomizer settings in config.js file without touching single line of code 🤘.

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TemplateCustomizer plugin allows you and your customers to customize template themes, layout options and look & feel in real time.

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Extended Utility Classes

Build whatever you want without writing a single line of CSS/SASS code by just using our low-level extended utility classes.

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Useful Helper Methods

Useful JavaScript helpers methods to customize Vuexy easily. It provides ready to use layout & customizer helper methods.

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3rd Party Plugins

All the popular 3rd party plugins are deeply customized in order to perfectly meet our design system. You can easily add/remove third-party plugins.

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Repository Access

Get the private repository access to track the premium version development easily. Fork the repository to get the seamless updates.

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Premium Support

Experience premium customer support from the real people who have crafted this theme. Premium support is limited to pro version only.

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