Laravel Getting Started

There can be two possibilities, you are planning to start a new project with our template or trying to add our template into your existing project.

Starting a new project with our template

It is always suggested to get started with the minimal setup and we exactly provide that with our starter kit version.

Once you unzip the template you will find HTML / HTML + Laravel version folder and under that full-version and starter-kit version folders. Refer to this documentation to understand the difference between Full-version and Starter-kit.

First step should be to verify all the dependencies and clean up all the packages that are not required for your project.

What's the point including all the dependencies with starter kit?

Your question is totally valid and legit. To make the experience smoother, we have listed all the dependencies and provided freedom to remove dependencies which are not required in your project.

Searching for packages that are required and to install them can be difficult and confusing for new users. Hence, we have included all the packages in the starter-kit. New user can just copy components, apps, and pages from full version without worrying about packages.

Integrating our template into your existing project

Since this is a template and a starter project, it’s built as the starting point of your project. It cannot be simply installed and used with an existing project like a third party library.

Although using our template with any existing project is still possible, it would require extra work to connect everything together. We strongly recommend you to either start your project with Frest, or move your project on top of it to have the best experience.

Read more about project migration: Existing Project Migration

Follow Installation Guide

Next, Follow the installation guide once you streamline all the dependencies and make sure you meet all the system requirements mentioned in the installation page to run the project and read all the notices carefully given on the installation page.

Demo Configs

You want your local template to look like one of the 6 demos you saw online then please follow demo configs documentation which will help you achieve your goal.


If you face any difficulties with installation, or has any question on usage of this template like changing colors, fonts, branding etc.. Treat yourself by visiting FAQs section. You are most likely to find your answer there.

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