.Net Core Third-party Libraries

.Net Core Starter Project includes all Third-party libraries by default.

Optionally you can remove unwanted plugins to reduce output assets size and compile time:

  1. Remove unwanted packages from the dependencies section in the AspnetCoreStarter/package.json file.
  2. Remove related directories from AspnetCoreStarter/wwwroot/vendor/libs directory.
  3. Remove related @imports and @includes from AspnetCoreStarter/wwwroot/vendor/scss/_theme/_libs.scss file.

For example, if you want to exclude swiper plugin, you will need to:

  1. Remove swiper dependency in the AspnetCoreStarter/package.json file.
  2. Remove the AspnetCoreStarter/wwwroot/vendor/libs/swiper directory.
  3. Remove below lines from AspnetCoreStarter/wwwroot/vendor/scss/_theme/_libs.scss file.
  4. ...
    @import "../../libs/swiper/mixins";
      @include swiper-theme($background);
  5. Compile Assets as described here
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