Template footer options with responsive and all the options.

Here’s an example of basic footer.

Remove .bg-footer-theme or any other background color like .bg-{color} class for transparent footer.

Here’s an example of footer with UI Elements.

Color Schemes

Theming the footer has never been easier thanks to the combination of theming classes and background-color utilities. Then, customize with .bg-* utilities.

Class Value
class="footer bg-{value}" primary | secondary | success | danger | warning | info | light | dark | white

Here’s an example of footer theme. Use .bg-footer-theme class to change footer according to theme.

Here is the theme basic footer mixin which allow you to easily create footer by adding your own class and colors.

@mixin template-footer-style($parent, $bg, $color: null, $active-color: null, $border: null)
@include template-footer-style('.bg-footer-theme', $body-bg, $color: $text-muted, $active-color: $body-color);

Advanced, responsive footer with more options and advanced stylings.

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