.Net Core FAQs

How to integrate in to my existing project?

Since Frest is a template and a starter project, it’s built as the starting point of your project. It cannot be simply installed and used with an existing project like a third party library.

Although using Frest with any existing project is still possible, it would require extra work to connect everything together. We strongly recommend you to either start your project with Frest, or move your project on top of it to have the best experience.

How to hide Template Customizer?

We have provided template with customizer, So user can check all the layout options and it's classes and can get idea about all the possibilities.

To hide customizer, just need to update wwwroot\js\config.js file's displayCustomizer option to false.

But before deployment, you might not required this customizer. Then you can check below option :

if (typeof TemplateCustomizer !== 'undefined') {
  window.templateCustomizer = new TemplateCustomizer({
    displayCustomizer: false,

For page searching options in navbar search box, add page link in search-vertical.json and search-horizontal.json inside wwwroot/json/ folder.

  "name": "Dashboard Analytics",
  "icon": "bx-home-circle",
  "url": "/Dashboards/Analytics"
How can I migrate from dotnet v7 to v8 ?
  1. Download the latest aspnet core according to your OS: dotnet 8.0
  2. Update PROJECT.csproj file as below
  3. migrate to dotnet 8
  4. remove bin/ and obj/ folders
  5. run project using dotnet watch
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